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Sullivans/O'Sullivans in American Revolutionary War Service


Compiled and edited by JC Sullivan

Writing in the ‘Irish World and American Industrial Liberator and Gaelic American, Saturday, August 28, 1982, James C. Heaney, a Buffalo attorney, wrote that 266 Sullivans served during the Revolutionary War.

Barnabas, NC Line, Catharine, W20077, sol appl 3 Apr 1818 Lincoln CountyMA (ME), in 1820 sol was aged 60 with a wife Catharine aged 55 & children at home; Lydia 10 & George aged 7, sol was a native of "Carolina" & sol m Catharine daughter of Lodowick Croscop of Granville Nova Scotia on 15 May 1789 & John & Daniel Croscop were witnesses to their marriage, sol d 7 May 1830 & his wid appl 9 Jul 1839 at Boston MA aged 66, a daughter Sarah (Sullivan) wife of Richard Snaitt made aff’dt in 1839 at Boston, MA

 Benjamin or Benjamin Worster, Navy Svc, S43188, appl 12 Jun 1818 at Tuftonborough NH aged 57, vet had en at Berwick MA (ME), in 1820 sol had a wife aged 53 & children at home; Eliza 16 & Benj. Jr 12.

 Captain Sullivan of Privateer "Willing Maid."

Charles, NY Line, Rhoda, R10299, sol m Rhoda illoyd 25 Jan 1798 in Schenectady CountyNY & sol d 24 Sep 1822 at Pitcher in Chenango CountyNY & his wid appl 19 Oct 1849 at Cazenovia in Madison Co NY aged 68, children were, Charles b 27 Jun 1798, Elizabeth b 14 MrY 1801, Rebecah b 14 apr 1803, Eunice b 11 Jun 1806, Rhode b 30 Jun 1808, Lloyd b 9 Apr 1815 & Mary b 9 Mar 1817. sol’s niece Polly Thorn or Dorn (not clearly written) of Chenango Co NY in 1851 stated her daughter Katherine was b 4 Nov 1797.

Known Revolutionary War veteran Charles Sullivan is buried Mount Nebo Churchyard, Whitetown, Butler Co., PA.

Charles, nurse SC GA

Charles, b 1728 VA d 1808 SC m Mrs. Mary Charlton Johnson PS SC

Charles Craven, b 27 Mar 1760 VA d 12 Jan 1813 PA m Susanna Johnston Pvt VA

Sullivent, Clement, Halifax Co., VA. M Sarah Lawson, 28 Mar 1787. Fought in battl eof Guilford Courthouse.
Cornelius, b 1749 Ireland d 10 Sep 1816 MD m Catharine Bohn PS MD. This is probably the Cornelius buried Kriders Union, Westminster, MD.
Cornelius, NJ Line. Sol was b 30 Dec 1755 in Philadelphia CountyPA & he lived at Bordentown NJ at enl & in 1793 at Phila PA he enl under Gen’l Anthony Wayne against the Indians & after this service he moved to Fayette Co KY where he appl 8 Oct 1832. This is probably the Cornelius Sullivan buried Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY
From:"Kentucky Obituaries,1787-1854" by G.Glenn Clift, 1977. p. 176 "1849, Cornelius Sullivan. Died at the residence of S.P. Kenney, Dec. 29, 1848, aged 93 years. He was a Revolutionary soldier. " This is from the Lexington KY "Observer & Reporter" , 1/3/1849.
Daniel, Cont Line (MD) & PA Line svc, Sarah, W25169, sol appl 13 Jul 1818 Clark Co IN, in 1820 sol was aged 80 in Oct 1820 with no family but himself, an Abraham Miller of Jeffersonville IN in 1844 stated he was aged 57 on 9 Apr 1844 & he stated sol & his wife Sarah had 4 children of which 3 were then dec’d, to wit; John Sullivan, a daughter who m a Mr. Clark & Daniel Sullivan, Jr. all 3 dec’d he stated sol’s only surviving child in 1844 was Mary Miller had lived in Clark & Jefferson Cos in IN & she was living in 1851 & in 1854 her son Ephraim g. Miller was of Jeffersonville IN, the Rev. sol Daniel Sullivan was b in Oct 1740, he lived in MD at enl, sol d in the fall of 1820 or 1821 at th ehome of Abraham Miller in Clark Co IN (no relationship tosol’s dau Mary was given), sol had m Sarah (--) at Bladensburg MD some 6 to 8 weeks before he enl in 1776 or 1777, wid appl 17 Jul 1843 in Bartholomew Co IN aged 105 yrs & was living with Jacob Lain (no kinship given), wid d 5 Sep 1845 in Bartholomew Co IN at the home of Mr. Mounts (no kinship given))

Dan, Pvt., South Carolina, Killed in action, September, 1781.

Daniel, Captain, Maine, Died 1781. Captain Sullivan, brother of Major General John Sullivan, is buried at Sorrento, Me.

Daniel, BLW 8761-100-16 Jun 1789 assignee Thomas Coyle, srv as Pvt in the NJ Line.

Daniel, BLW 10427-100-16 May 1791, svc as a Pvt in the PA Line

Daniel, VA Line, S7661, appl 28 Jn 1833 Burke Co NC, sol was b 2 Mar 1763, sol lived in Spotsylvania Co VA at enl & he lived there for 5 yrs after the Rev then moved to Henry Co VA then moved to Burke Co NC, Richard Bird was a witness to sol’s application.

Daniel, b c 1738 MA d Apr 1782 m (1) Amey Paul (2) Abigail Bean, Capt MA.

Daniel, b January 1730 NC d Feb 1792 NC m Margaret—Pvt NC

Darby, Pvt, 5 Maryland, killed in action 22 January, 1781.

Darby, b ca 1761 EN d 1841 VA m X Pvt Md

David, NY Line, b 31 Mar 1751 NJ. Sgt. Grd Tms NY PNSR. Hannah, W11574, sol m Mss Hannah

Huyck 17 Feb 1781 at Kinderhook NY, sol appl 17 Jul 1832 Albany Co NY, Sol was b 31 Mar 1751 at Amboy NJ & he lived at Schodack in Reesselaer Co NY at enl, Sol d 18 Sep 145, wid appl 18 Mar 1846 Otsego Co NY aged 84, in 1833 a daugher (not named) was living in Otsego Co NY, in 1833 Andrew Houck aged 65 was of Westerlo NY & stated his father (not named) svc in the Rev & in 1833 Peter Ruyck was of Schodack NY.

Ebenezer, b 3 Oct 1754 Mass. m Abigail Cotton. Capt of Scammon’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Captain 15th Continental Infantry, 1st January, 1776; taken prisoner at the Cedars, 20th May, 1776; exchanged in 1778. Died 3 Jun 1799 SC.

Elijah, BLW #11685-160-55 assignee Joshua Ward, svc as a Pvt in the MD Line.
George, NC & PA Line. S4025. appl 16 Nov 1833 White Co TN aged 73.
George, b ca 1751 d 185 SC m Sarry Perrin. Sol SC.

Hewlet. b 28 Dec 1763 VA d 11 Jul 1830 SC M Mrs. Mary Dunklin Pvt. SC.

Jacob Sullivan, Lt. New York Militia.

Three known Revolutionary War James Sullivans are buried at: Fee Fee Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.; Granary Burial Ground, Tomb 146, Boston, MA.; Williamsburg, KY.

James, b 22 Apr 1744 MA d 10 Dec 1808 MA m Mehetable Odiorne Cmsry CS MA

James, MD & NY Line, S35091, appl 29 apr 1818 at Baltilmore MD aged 59. He enl at Leonardstown, Md, in 1820. Sol had a wife Jane aged 37 & 3 children at home aged 6, 4, & 2 yrs. Sol d 8 Jul 1822.

James, b ca 1763/4 Ireland d p 1809/10 SC m Elizabeth Wood. Cpl. NC.

James, b 1754 NC d 27 Aug 1825 NC m Mary Cox. Sgt. NC.

James, 24 Sep 1765 VA d 12 Feb 1817 KY m Eleanor (Nellie) Wilson. Pvt. VA.

James, b ca 1748 VA. d 13 Jun 1815 MO m X Capt Va.

James, NJ Line, Mary, R10297, sol was b 9 Feb 1755 & he m Mary (--) the last of Sep 1777 & sol d 27 Aug 1825, wid appl 7 Jun 1845 Lincoln Co NC, wid was b 14 Oct 1762, childen were; Samuel, b 15 Jan 1779, John b 5 Dec 1780, Thomas b 14 Jul 1782, Sarah b 15 Nov 1783, Peter b 14 Dec 178?, James b 23 Dec 1787, --?-- b 9 Dec 1789, Elijah b 24 Dec 179?, Anne b 29 Feb 1794, Mary b 19 Jan 1796, Ezekmiel b 23 Nov 1797, Margaret b 15 Aug 1800 & Catharine b 21 Jan 180?; also shown were; James Taylor, Jr. b 10 Mar 1812, Margaret Sullivan b 8 Mar 1812, Nancy Clyne b 17 Sep 1821, John B Sullivan b 4 Dec 1802, Elijah Moore b 29 Apr 1827, James Moore b 12 Oct 1828, Ezekiel Sullivan m Sarah "Manney?" 17 Jan 1828 & she was b 9 Apr 1807 & their children shown were; Mary E. b 9 Jun 1830 & Martha b 24 Apr 1832, on 29 Nov 1852 sold’s children Catharine Moore & Samuel Sullivan signed p.o.a. in Lincoln Co NC.

Jeremiah, b 1735 NC d ca 1780 GA m Zilpah Ramsey. Pvt. NC.

John, b 17 Feb 1740 MA d 23 Jan 1795 NH. Major General, Continental Army, son of Limerick-born school teacher, Owen O Sullivan, from O Sullivan-Beare lineage. Member of the first General Congress in 1774. In December of that year he struck the first blow of the revolution by leading a party of American patriots. In a daring achievement, they rowed by moonlight to the British fort, William and Mary, near Portsmouth, overpowered the force, and captured approximately one hundred barrels of powder that were afterwards used at Bunker Hill. m Lydia Wooster. Buried in the family ploy, Durham, NH.

John, Pvt., 1 NC, died in service, 3 April, 1783.

John, Pvt., 2 NY, died in service, 22 January, 1781.

John, BLW #13778-100-4. Sep 1789. Svc as a Sgt in the Invalids.

John (Pa) - Cornet 4th Continental Dragoons, Lt. 1 Oct. 1777: ‘left the service in June, 1783 with leave before the conclusion of the war:’ see Journal of Congress of 27 June, 1786.

John, SC Line. S18235 sol was b in 1756 in Caroline Co VA & in 1774 he moved with his father’s family to Edgefield Dist SC & he lived there at enl & he appl there 17 Oct 1838. Per the DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, he died in 1839 in SC. He married Sarah Roberts. 1Sgt SC PNSR Mary (Charlton) Johnson: B 6-1-1722 VA d 12-20-1837 SC m (1) ---Johnson (2)

John, SC Line, S22002, appl 3 Nov 1832 Fairfield Dist SC, sol was b 31 Mar 1760 in Ireland & he came to America in 1774 & sol lived at Charleston SC at enl in 1776.

John, VA Line, S38410, sol enl in 1776 & 1781 & in 1782 heenl at Little York VA, he appl 5 Jul 1830 in Prince William Co VA aged 73 with a wife Ann aged 70 & he had with him; his widowed daughter Catharine Smoote aged 32 & her son William Henry Smoote aged 6 & his daughter Ann Sullivan aged 33. Also Charles C. Sullivan aged 40 and Zebulon Sullivan aged 11 lived with sol.

Larkin, VA Line, R102296, appl 1 May 1839 Madison Co AL aged 77 or 78 in Mar 1839. Sol was b. in Charlotte CountyVA & he lived there at enl. witnesses were Joseph Holloway, John Mosely, & Wm Atkins.

Moses b c d1762 d c 1805 SC m Millander (Milly) Chandler Sol SC

Nathaniel: b c 1750 VA d 1817 KY m Ann Shipp Pvt VA

Murphy, BLW #10353-100-7 Aug 1789 assignee Richard Platt, svc as a Pvt. in the PA Line.

Known Revolutionary War soldier Patrick Sullivan is buried 96th District, Granville Co., N.C.

Patrick, BLW #8700-100-25 Feb 1790 assignee John Ludlow, svc as a Pvt in the NJ Line.

Patrick, b 1 Jan 1759 NC d a 1819 SC M Mary Hannah Roots. Pvt, NC.

Patrick, b ca d1760 SC d c 1810 MS m Margaret---Sol SC

Patrick, NJ Line, Margaret Dearwell former wid. W24047, sol m Margaret Shaw 3 Dec 1783 & sol d 3 Apr 1786 & thir children were David & Daniel (birthdates too dim to read), wid m 2nd to John Dearwell on 17 Apr 1789 & he d 1 Nov 1828, wid appl 26 Mar 1844 Somerset Co NJ, wid was b 23 May 1765 & her son John Dearwell was b 5 Jun 1790.

Patrick, BLW #10365-100-9 Jul 1789. Svc as a Pvt. in the PA Line.

Patrick, b 1751 Ireland. d 1841 VA m Henrietta Connors Pvt. PA. Possibly same as Patrick immediately above.

Patrick Sullivan, Harrison Co., VA, 12th Regular U.S. Infantry, 1825 revolutionary war pensioner

Patrick, b 17 Mar 1754 Ireland d 17 Dec 1821 PA m Barbara Bauser, Pvt PA

Patrick, PA Line, Jane or Christiana Jane, R10295, sol appl 23 Jun 1819, Hamilton Co OH. In 1820 sol was aged 80. Wid appl 21 Jan 1845 at Covington in Kenton Co KY. Sol & wid had m in Jul 1792 & sol d 8 Oct 1810. Wid referred to near neighbors Wm & Margaret Felton when she & sol were married.

Patrick. Sergeant. With General Sullivan’s expedition against the Iroquois. Following is an entry.                   

 Head Quarters, Wyoming, July 30th, 1779.
   Brigadier, Boor-
   Field Officers for the day tomorrow: Col. Spencer & Major Titcomb.
   Brigade Major: Ross.

   The army will march at 8 0'clock tomorrow morning in order pointed out in General Orders of the 25th.

   The whole of Col. Proctor's Regiment will go in the boats. Capt. Gifford of the 3d Jersey Regiment is appointed to command the party on the west side of the river.    Lieut. Horn of the same regiment will command the four light boats destined to take of the party in case of necessity.

   The guard of the Commander-in-Chief will compose the armed party under his command who are to prevent the boats deserting the party under Capt. Gifford.  Col. Proctor will have the whole direction of the fleet and is to be obeyed
accordingly.  He may when he thinks necessary assign any other tower [person that tows] of duty to Lieut. Horn and his party which he may think more advantageous to the service.

   The Quarter Master and Commissary will apply to Col. Proctor for every assistance in the boat way which they may stand in need, while on passage this day they will apply to the brigadier and field officers of the day for such
troops as they may stand in need of for loading the stores.

   Maxwell's Brigade will furnish a regiment for the rear guard tomorrow morning. The troops will breakfast early in the morning that they may not be under the necessity of halting until they arrive at Lackawanick, the place of encampment
for tomorrow night.

   The General will beat at half-past seven for striking tents, the assembly for parading at 8 o'clock. A cannon from Col. Proctor's will notify when the march is to commence.
   All the pioneers [originally a member of a military engineer unit trained to construct or demolish bridges, roads, trenches, etc.] of the army will be formed into a company and proceed under cover of Gen. Hand's Light Troops to clear the road, they will receive and obey such instructions as they may receive from them.

   The Commander-in-Chief returns his sincere thanks to Col. Proctor and the officers of this corps for the attention they have had to every order and the very great assistance they have given him in making preparations for the
expedition, he also returns his thanks to Lieut. Col. Read, the officers and soldiers of his detachment for their zeal and activity in forwarding the stores from ______ (illegible) ______.
   He also returns his thanks to Lieut. Horn and his party for the expedition with which they took of the garrison and stores from Fort Jinkins.

   While the Commander-in-Chief is expressing his thanks to these gentlemen for particular services, justice obliges him to declare that the attention and ______ (illegible) afford him the most pleasing prospects of a successful
campaign and he assures them he is convinced while he has the happiness to command such troops victory must be certain and opposition can only serve to add fresh laurels to the American army.

   The General reminds the officers commanding corps that the horses assigned them cannot be all loaded having their own baggage. The Public Stores of the army are to be put on such as can be spared for that purpose.
                                        SERJEANT PATRICK SULLIVAN
   Balance of the book missing.

Peleg, RI Line, R10298, sol appl 3 Feb 1833 Chautauqua Co NY. Sol was b 6 Jul 1757 in Washington Co RI. He lived at Exeter RI at enl & after the Rev he lived in RI until about 1795 then moved to Windam Co CT. In 1802 he moved to DeRuyter in Madison Co NY. In 1811 he moved to Canandalgua in Ontario Co NY then to Gorham NY. Following that he moved to Middlesex NY & in 1815 he moved to Steuben CountyNY, Ontario Co then back toGorham NY them to Middlesex NY. In 1815 he moved to Steuben Co NY for 1 year then moved to Bergen in Genesee Co NY. In 1818 he moved to Batavia NY for 1 year then moved to Shelby NY. In 1824 he moved to Chautauqua Co again. A son Benjamin Sullivan signed p.o.a. on 4 Feb 1854 in Chautauqua Co NY as legal heir of his dec’d father Peleg Sullivan.

Perry, MD Line, BLW #2058-100, sol’s niece Rebekah Sullivan appl 9 Jul 1834 in Anne Arundel Co Md. Sol had died in Anne Arundel Co MD (date not given).

Peter, a known Revolutionary War soldier, is buried in West VA.

Peter, b ca 1755 d 19 June 1840 VA. Pvt CL VA WPNS. VA Line, Katy, W3736, sol m Katy Ayrehart several yrs prior to 1 Jan 1794 in Lincoln Co NC 7 she was b in said CountySol d in 1840 in Cabel Co the part that became Wayne CountyVA. His wid ppl there 26 Jun 1846 aged 85. Sol had orig appl 23 May 1825 in Floyd Co KY aged 70 with a wife Catherine "Katy" aged about 70, a daughter Susanah Selards signed p.o.a. in 1853 in Floyd Co KY as legal heir of dec’d sol Peter Sullivan, in 1852 in Wayne Co VA Sol’s surviving children were shown as: David Sullivan, aged 64; Polly Sullivna, aged 64; Amy, wife of Cornelius Sellards & Susannah wife of John Sellards. Sol d 19 Jun 1840. His wid Katy d in 1848.

Philip, BLW #11745-100-11 Jun 1790, Svc as a Pvt in the MD Line.

Pleasant, VA Line, Mily, W10265, sol appl 19 Sep 1832 Elbert Co GA having lived there 6 yrs. Sol was b in 1757 in Charlotte Co VA & he lived there during the Rev. Sol m Milly Kelly the 1st week in Aug 1796 & sol d 12 Mar 1840 in Elbert Co GA & his wid appl there 1 Jul 1850, age 74. Children were: Jones Sullivan, b 16 Feb 1808, Maria Pennock Sullivan b 29 Jul 810,

 Mosily Wharton Sullivan b 31 Mar 1813 and -?-ances Joyce b 2 Apr 1816 Roger, BLW #13741-100-17 Oct 1789 assignee John Pope, svc as a Pvt in Hazen’s regt.

Samuel, Captain and Quartermaster, Pulaski Legion, 1779-1780.

Solomon, MD Line, Sarah, W19419, sol appl 20 May 1819 Guilford Co NC aged 72. Sol m Sarah (--) in Dorchester Co MD as early as 1774 & about 1790 sol moved to Guilford Co NC where he raised a family of children. Sol d in 1823 & his wid Sarah d in Oct 1837. A son Solomon made aff’dt 21 Aug 1845 in Guilford oCo NC aged 69. Family data; sol’s wife Sarah (McComb) was b 9 Feb 1744, children were: Rachel b 12 ul 1770, James b 2 Sep 1772, Mary b 2 Aug 1773 & Solomon, Jr. b 12 Mar 1775 of which only 2 survived their mother, to wit; Mary whom Stephen Sullivan & Solomon Sullivan

Thomas, BLW #10400-100-19 Dec 1789. Svc as Sgt in PA Line.

Sullivent, Thomas, Halifax Co., VA. Reported to be infantryman. m Peggy Ervin.

William, BLW #10887-100-28 May 1790. Svc as Pvt in DE Line.

William, MD Line, BLW #11683-100-24 Sep 1792. Svc as Pvt in MD Line.

Sullivant, Owen, NC Line. Martha "Patty", W11580, sol appl 8 Aug 1825 Nash Co NC aged 66 with a wife aged 49. Sol had m Martha "Patty or Patsey" Grizell or Grizzill 12 Oct 1818 in Nash Co.

Sullivant, Hampton. b a 1756 d a 24 Mar 1796 SC m Elizabeth---PS SC.

Sullivant, Stephen. b 24 Jan 1768 GA d 17 Sep 1857 KY m Martha---Sgt SC

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Capt. James K. O'Reilly, Co. B, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

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Operation Big Lift

Thanks to Dave Prisby of Hodgesville, WV for contributing this patch. He said he found a stack of 'em at a flea market.

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Alternative Treatment Can Help Vets with Cancer, PTSD

Reprinted with permission - Douglass Karr and Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Alternative Treatment Can Help Vets with Cancer, PTSD

Unfortunately, all too often many veterans return from active service and find it difficult to reintegrate into day to day life. After a tour of duty, the activities of daily life can seem mundane by comparison. Going from living in "survival mode" to the relative safety of civilian life can be a shock to the system, and some vets have trouble adapting to the dramatic change. Further, some veterans who have not fully processed the events of their tour of duty, especially if there was conflict or trauma, can exhibit symptoms of PTSD, which can further impair their readjustment to civilian life.

There is a relatively new alternative treatment available now that can help soldiers in making this adjustment and processing any trauma they experienced. It is called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It works with the body's energy meridian system (the same system used in acupuncture.) However, instead of using needles, specific acupressure points on the face and body are tapped with the fingers, accessing the meridians and rebalancing them.

There are 14 meridian channels that run throughout the human body. Whenever a difficult or painful emotion is felt, this means one or more of the meridians are out of balance. In EFT, tapping the meridian points while holding the painful thought, memory or emotion in mind causes the unbalanced meridians to rebalance. Almost instantly, the unpleasant or negative feeling evaporates.

It may sound too good to be true, but more and more people, including veterans, are reporting relief from conditions which had previously impeded their enjoyment of life. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and flashbacks, which very often plague sufferers of PTSD, can be rapidly relieved with EFT, often permanently.

EFT can also help with physical issues, even debilitating conditions such as cancer. Mesothelioma is a very serious type of cancer sometimes called the "asbestos cancer," since it is often linked to asbestos exposure. From less serious cancers to terminal cancers, EFT can help in every area, from processing the diagnosis and helping with stress levels to managing symptoms and making cancer treatments easier to handle.

EFT Master Dawson Church is the head of a campaign to try and get EFT included as part of the PTSD treatment protocol in V.A. hospitals. He has spoken in front of Congress twice and seems to be making headway in getting the V.A. to open up to this life changing tool. Dawson Church is also involved in the Iraq Vets Stress Project, which connects vets with EFT practitioners and resources offering relief from PTSD. There are many free and low cost resources available to veterans through their website:

The motto of EFT is "try it on everything," since it is so easy to use, can be self-administered, is non-invasive and has few if any side effects. From physical to emotional issues, EFT can make a big difference, and is at least worth a try.

Click here for a video explanation and demonstration of the EFT process: